Sunday, July 10, 2011


This had to be the hottest day of the year!  Oh my gosh! I didn't think I'd survive.  And our ear guy kept sending me up the road to see how the ear looked this way and that as they positioned it on the stump.  I'm sorry, but between my age, my weight gain, and...  my age... I cannot take this intense heat.  

Traffic slowed to almost a halt when the ear went up.  Heads did turn and a guy showed up out of nowhere wanting to know if Bob would make a bear out of his stump.

Tomorrow we are officially opened for business.  We will either make it, or we will end up living in a box on the street holding up a sign during the day - "will work for food" (and I don't do well without my AC)  

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.  Tonight Gary and I prayed over the office...  I have no doubt that God will provide no matter what.  But I'm hoping that it's not the box on the street that he provides....  

I know you are all probably sick and tired of hearing about this right now...  and I will get back to normal routine soon.  This is just such a huge change in my life and it's kind of consuming me for now.  

Dear Diary,  Today some men brought a big ear and put it in our yard.  And speaking of ears...  My Rissa has the best tasting ears ever.  Just sayin'.  Gracie.