Friday, March 1, 2013

Gracie's List

Top Ten Things To Do When You're 
Not Allowed To Do Anything.

1.  Lay around and act sick.

2.  Act like eating is a chore...  (this will get you even more food and anything your heart desires)

3.  Think of ways to get out of taking your pills.

4.  Run and hide when you hear the pill bottle being opened.

5.  Eat the hamburger, but spit out the pill.

6.  Eat the cookie icing, but spit out the pill.

7.  Wait till Nurse Ratched is not looking, then spit the pill out.

8.  Practice keeping the pill from  getting caught in your fur after you spit.   For some reason, that's the first place Nurse Ratched looks.

9.  When you hear Nurse Ratched say "If Miss Gracie Phillip doesn't want to take her medications orally I'm sure we can arrange that she can have it some other way,"  Swallow hard!

10.  Do some magic tricks and change the focus from "Give the dog her meds"  to "Wow!  Will you look at this!  Look what Gracie did!"