Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's This #&*%?

"What's this *#!@?"

"Gracie!  I've never known you to curse before!!  What is your problem?"

Dear Diary,

I'll admit I'm in a foul mood.  What dog wouldn't be?  Let's see.  In the past month there was surgery.  Chair-rest. Hernia. Pain. Chair-rest. No walks. Surgery again.  Chair-rest again. No walks. No play.  FINALLY the stitches came out and I was released from that immobile prison they called recovery.  
Then it was RAIN.  RAIN. MORE RAIN.  Depressed?  You don't even have a clue....  AND here's the kicker:  My Mom, who claims to be doing this for my own good, says 'no more treats for you gracie, you are on a strict diet for your urinary tract'.  I'm not sure what a urinary tract is...  but let me at 'em.  I'll tear that @#$%^&*(&  apart.  Gracie, dog of many sorrows.