Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring, Summer & Surprises

Last week was Harrisburg PA and the Mid Atlantic Hearing Expo.

It went something like this.

Thursday: Check in to our room.

Thursday night:  Dinner with Siemens Reps and other business owners and specialists, compliments of Siemens.

Friday: 6 AM wake-up.  7:45 off to the meeting room where I grabbed an OJ and some scrambled eggs from the breakfast buffet before joining our friends who saved us a place at their table.  

Then- Presentations - meetings - sitting- learning - etc. etc.  

All. Day. L-o-n-g

Didn't sleep well the night before so when we got back to our room at 6:00 PM I thought ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  finally.  peace.  quiet.  relaxation.  and...  "I'm too old for this"

Then our Siemens rep phoned us and invited us to go with him and some others to the Hollywood Casino for some food and fun.

Gary enjoyed seeing the race track where his dad used to go.
And I won $40 on the slots!  Yay me!  Back to the room by ten, then winding down and praying for a good night's sleep.

Saturday Morning:  Another early 6AM wake-up.  More meetings.  

Then.  Home.

Now, its time to rest up.  

We'll be home now for a couple of weeks, and then I have a surprise getaway for Gary in honor of his 60th birthday which will be MAY 1.  Our 'getaway' will be on April 4 and 5. 

 Where is it?  What is it,  you ask?  

Oh, but I can't say. It's a surprise!  

You can try to guess, Gary.  And, I will tell you if you get it right.  But no, it's not NC.  Guess again!  

Spring is just days away....  and Summer was here yesterday.  If you want a dose of sweet stuff today, watch her little video:

Gracie, how did you and Justin get along while we were gone?

Well.  I like that Justin's staying with me when you go away.  It beats the kennel.  But could you please tell him that I am in charge, not him? He's constantly giving me orders.  It's very annoying.