Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pillow Talk

My popularity has diminished somewhat in the past few days and I'm pretty sure I know why.

It's the pillows.

Kohl's 30% off sale plus the KOHL'S CASH offer was more than I could resist.   I love pillows.   Gary likes one pillow to put his head on at night.  Anything additional is in the way and gets pitched to the floor. 

Gracie's had her old couch pillows since I can remember.  I got her attention when I removed them from the sofa.  If looks could kill...  well... you know. 
 I replaced them with the new and improved pillows.  These pillows have a button-closed cover that I can remove and wash.  I'm excited. 

I tried to console my angry/sad/disguested/discouraged dog... and then thinking that I could make a positive out of a negative, I took Gracie's old pillows and placed them on her doggie bed, the one she never uses, hoping to generate an interest so that me and the mister could sleep better at night with her absent from the middle of the bed. She'd be snuggled in her comfy and familiar doggie bed complete with smelly pillows. 

I realized my plan had failed when I heard her plop herself down on the new pillow and give a sarcastic 'hmph!'

  I guess she's adjusting.