Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mental Cruelty

Okay class.  Everybody needs to line up for lunch. 
  Buyers in the front... packers in the back. 

 Gracie, are you buying or did you bring a packed lunch?  Okay, then you can come to the front of the line.

Gracie, if you don't come to the front of the line I'm going to make you go to the principals office.

That's it.  You're in trouble for not following the rules like Rainbow, Charles, Samantha, Stephanie and Jewlana. 

Dear Diary,

Ever since the Cookie Carrier's been in school she expects me to be one of her 'students' (whatever that is).  Isn't there some kind of mental cruelty law for pups like me to stand behind in cases like this? 


 Is she gone home yet> 



 Finally,  Rest.