Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Dear Diary,

I think it's winter, but so far I haven't seen any of the white stuff like I saw last winter.  I'm A-OK with that.  Finding a place to pee can be hard when your up to your ears in snow.  I'd tell ya what Mom thinks of it --- 'cept I can't hear her anymore.  I know she's talking -- but what she's saying I do not know.  If she yells for me when I'm outside I ignore her.  But if she yells and motions with her hand for me to come in, I get the message.  

I was scared at first...  not being able to hear.  Sometimes Mom and Dad would leave me all alone and I would howl and bark for them to come home.  Mom!  Dad!  Come back!!
But I'm doing better now.  Sometimes I sleep and don't even know they're gone.

I'm adjusting to being almost deaf.  I think Mom and Dad are not though.  They are sad about it I think.  Mom likes to manipulate sweet talk me a lot of the time - and now it goes on deaf ears.  BOL!!  Get it?  Deaf ears!

But seriously -  I'm doing Ok for now.  Getting tons of attention! My eyesight is still good and there ain't nothing wrong with my smeller (thank You God!).  Oh, and I still love to eat.  and play.  and walk.  

I remember a word I used to hear my Mom say all the time.  Blessed.  I think it's something really good.  And I think I am that.  Blessed.  Gracie.