Sunday, June 10, 2012

Laughing Out Loud

Thank you all for your kind words and comments on my last post.  I truly have some of the most kind-hearted followers and friends that anyone could ever ask for.

We're doing okay.  I haven't been to any of your blogs lately because we've been kind of putting our lives back together and regrouping so-to speak.  I've missed you all and I will be back to visit very soon!

Justin is so excited about his new book.  It was his birthday June 7, so we got him a little cake.    He was banging away on his computer when we got to his apartment (marketing his book.)  Thank you all for the kind thoughts and words on that as well.  AND for those of you who purchased the book..  Bless your hearts!

Honestly...  you bring tears to my eyes.

Dear Diary,  I have to share this or I will burst.  Sometimes I am so entertained by Mom I can't contain myself.  Let me set the scene.  It was getting late and I was a little more tired than usual.  So I decided to head for bed early.  A little later I heard mom (from under the covers where I'd buried myself hoping to be left alone.)  'where's gracie?' she asked.  I could hear her scurrying back and forth through the house... sounding a little frantic if I must say so...  She was unable to find me.  She looked in the usual spots.  I was not under the bed.  My chair was empty.  Not in the back room.  Not here... nor there.  'I can't find her!' she said.  That's when  I could no longer hold back and I had to LOL!  When mom saw my laughing stub of a tail peeking from beneath the covers and moving wildly back and forth she started laughing too.   Gracie.