Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Everyone needs a vacation.  And so, we headed east to Ocean City, Maryland.

Rewind:  In January when snow is pelting against the window and the temperatures are well below freezing, I start Googling and dreaming of a sunny beach with beautiful, warm sunrises that kiss roaring ocean waves just beyond a private luxurious balcony.  The grayer the winter grows, the more motivated I become and before you know it I am acting on my dream and planning summer vacation.  This year I rented four condo's for six couples (counting us) and three kiddies (all children and grandchildren).  

Gary and I find that we really like having our own private place so I found the perfect one for us, light and airy with a huge balcony.   We arrived on Saturday, two days before the rest.  Shopping, eating, and more shopping was in order.  

Then on Monday the family started to trickle in.  By evening all had arrived safe and sound.  And then...  we handed out the weeks agenda. 

Laughter, planning, and confident comments such as "We can do this!" followed as we handed out the planned agenda for the week.

A Scavenger hunt would begin.  Some couples would be drawn closer as they worked together to win the grand prize at the end of the week, introverts would be brought out of their comfort zones, and children... yes, children would be exploited **GASP!!**

I introduce to you the Scavenger Hunt List for 2015:

Note:  Thank you to my friend Sharon for the idea for the title of this series of blog posts...  I like it!

Stay Tuned for More...