Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Walk Away From The Cookie

Gracie, the blog's yours from this day forth.  Create in it a masterpiece...

Alrighty then!  Thought you'd never give it up.  I'm so ready for this!  Just got my hair done and after spa day, a pumpkin cookie! 

Cookie Rules AKA Ways to Have fun with the Rest of the Pack:

Rule #1  Pretend that you do not like the cookie
Rule #2  Walk away from the cookie
Rule #3  Never forget about the cookie
Rule #4 Go back when nobody is watching and eat the cookie
Rule #5  Watch the rest of the pack search under pillows and rugs for the cookie... never knowing if the cookie will show up again ...    did the dog really eat the cookie?  Will it be beneath my covers tonight?  Oh where oh where did that pumpkin cookie go??  BOL!
Rule #6  Repeat