Thursday, April 7, 2011

Animal Abusers

This little guy has come a long way since Sunday when he was rescued after a long week of running scared in the woods with his snout duct taped shut....
You can see the black tape on his mouth above.  This is how he was found, on somebody's porch.  The girl immediately called 911 and had the rescue team come.

 Ducky has become quite famous.  There are over 3,000 likes on his facebook page.

Ducky's case has brought an awareness for the rescued animals in our area.  More people are adopting, giving of their time, and donating $$ than ever before.  Everything happens for a reason.  This poor dog's suffering has been turned into something good.  

And people are trying to get laws changed for stiffer penalties for animal abusers.  

People like Ducky's abusers should pay
 for their evil deeds.