Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Remember Life Events

I have absolutely been slacking in the blog area of my life.  What a shame.  I love to journal and basically it's what blogging is.  Kinda.  

I'd blame Gracie (since I turned the blog over to her a while back and she dropped the ball) but we all know that I'm the real one who has fallen away.  


Anyway...   I'm finding that the older I get the more I forget.  And guess what?  All I have to do to 'remember' life events is look over past blogs!  Yah!

So seriously, blogging might come in handy if and when dementia kicks in later in life.   My blogging has purpose!!!

It's been a super busy time... these last months.  So I apologize ahead of time if my blog posts seem somewhat random.

Are you ready for Christmas?

True Christmas spirit hits me on Christmas Eve when I attend our church's candlelight service.  This year is looking to be extra special as two of my grand-angels (the girls) will be playing....

drumroll please...


... during the candlelight ceremony.  No greater gift could be given me this Christmas!!