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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Smile... You're On Candid Camera

About last night

Christmastime... a time to reflect... a time for family... a time for practical jokes.

Three of the sisters and my son's fiance, Jess got together for some Password fun.  While my older sister went to the bathroom, we decided to quickly share the next four words, and put them onto our cell phones so we'd remember.  When she came back it was all we could do to contain ourselves and keep a straight face.

Me: "God"


Jess: "Image"

high five

Me: "Are we good, or what?!"

Jess: "Citizen..."

Me: "senior"

Another high five

Me: "Train"

Jess: "Caboose"

high five - and a little irritation from the opposing team

You get the picture....

Sister Lynn was pretty impressed that Jess and I were were guessing the word from every clue.... especially since we were painfully losing before...    in the end we won the game.
Yes, I secretly recorded it.  No, I cannot share.  My sister would kill me!! 

"Smile...  You're on candid camera..."  

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