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Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Note From Gracie

Hey All,

Mom and dad are getting the pool ready and you know what that means.  Splashing kids and wet dogs.  Not a fan of either one.  But the good news is, rain rain and more rain.  Oh - and cooler temperatures, just the way I like it.  So no pool yet.  and hoping my good fortune carries throughout the summer.  Paws crossed.  We've been to camp a couple of times but mounds and mounds of wet leaves have taken over our space there.  Dad paid someone to clean it up and so today I am with him there and the leaves are all gone.  Let the summer begin!  He took me for a walk here and the smells are to die for!!  I seriously have no problem pooping here.  Perfect pooping scents, pardon my potty mouth.  Mom couldn't come with us today, she had to work.  So dad and me face-timed her.  Not sure what exactly that means.  So anyhooooooo...  went to the vet last week after the lousy tick bug hung from my eye for a year month couple of weeks.  Mom thought it was a skin tag but it was a tick bug and when she held my face close to hers and saw little black legs she freaked out and had dad hold me real tight till she got a thing called tweezer and yanked it out from my eye.  Then she saw another tick bug on the floor later, it looked like a pearl she said but it was a tick bug and she took it to show the vet and I took medicine but it made me sick and I barfed all over the yard and so no more medicine for me, just a shot since Dr. Fox says I tested positive for lemon lymes disease exposure.  I have to get another shot in two weeks and heres the fun part:  Mom and dad have to be tested too.  BOL!!!  oops.  sorry.  but she held me down for my shot and I'm hoping I can return the favor.  So.  All for now.  Thanks for stopping by and stay away from the bugs.  And if you can't stay away, wear a soresto collar around your neck like me.  Kills em dead before they spread.  


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