Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everything Is Fine

Sometimes I think about Gracie getting old, blind and crippled and my heart breaks.  I'll wipe tears from my face just thinking about how she'll no longer be able to run like the wind chasing after balls and how she wont be able to jump two feet into the air without much effort.
I'll be there to take care of her...  to lift her onto the bed that she once jumped onto with what I would refer to as 'springs for paws'.  I'll hold her in my arms and cry into her fur, hating that she has to be anything less than the rambunctious dog that was once full of life.  

Dear Diary,

Mom's been in bed for two weeks now.  Today she got up and got dressed in clothes instead of her gown and robe.  I was excited!  She told me my eyes were dancing and sparkly.  I couldn't help it - I was one happy pup.  But then Mom left with Dad in the Buick.  Something about an infection.  

I cried and cried.  I figured... there she goes again.  That lousy hospital. 

But then a short time later she walked in the door.  This time I was crying happy tears.  Mom said, 'Gracie! It's not like I wasn't coming back...'   How did I know?  

Anyway.  No infection.  Everything is fine. 

 Loving a human can be heartbreaking at times.  Gracie.