Tuesday, December 26, 2017

He's Stalking Me

GP is repeatedly trying to make my life better.  He's an awesome husband!  A heated hand massager for my arthritis.  A heated foot massager for my angry feet.  Sleep masks.  Make-ups and creams to make me beautiful (well,  he tries).   The latest and greatest in electronics.   The list goes on and on.

A year or so ago, it was no surprise to me that he'd want to buy me the perfect pillow to make my night's sleep as good as it could possibly be.  

Enter MY PILLOW....

Now I know it's supposed to be the mother of all pillows.  Better than memory foam.  
Better than down.  

The best!!!!

How do I know this you ask?

The infomercial tells me so.  Every. Single. Hour. Of. Every. Single. Day.

The guy's likable.  How can you not like him?!  And he believes in his pillow.  He hugs it and talks nice about it and hugs it some more.

But he's stalking me!

Get out of my living room MY PILLOW guy!!! 

I did not like MY PILLOW.  

It is simply a pillow with a bunch of little chunks of foamy stuff that gathers together allowing your head to sink deep down into the pillow just like he claims the memory foam and down pillows do.  Only worse.  

But the more this guy talks about his pillow, the more I think to myself...  I must be wrong!  This must be the best pillow ever!  I must try this again!

He is constantly sending me subliminal messages.  Trying to convince me that this is the best pillow ever!  His consistent  sales pitch is working on my psyche! 

He has impressed upon me that I need to try again.

And speaking of impressed...  you can imagine how star struck I was to turn the corner at the BonTon and run into .....

The MY PILLOW guy! 

 His pillow might not be the best, but he sure does have MARKETING down to a Tee!