Thursday, January 27, 2011


Late yesterday afternoon the snow started coming down pretty heavy.  This is looking outside of our bedroom window.    The clothes line to the left is where Gracie runs when she goes out.  Last year when we had our 3 foot storm she didn't get very far...  only a small area where I shoveled.  

This snow wasn't so bad.  
Less than a foot. 

But it was pretty.

I wonder if we'll get a whopper storm 
this winter like last years.  


Everyone Has A Story


I finally finished the book I was reading.  
It's not like I don't have any time on my hands.

 I love a good memoir, and this was one.

I'm not sure why I prefer reading memoir.  I guess I enjoy getting to know people, and how they lived and what made them who they are today.  I like lighthearted stories... ones that are fun and witty - A slice of life.  

Everyone has a story.  

So now, where do I go from here? 
 Finishing a good book is great... 
but then there's the task of finding an 
equally good one to move on to.

Any suggestions?