Thursday, December 28, 2017

Luminara Candles

 This year we gifted our kids with candles.  Not your typical light-with-a-match candles but luminara candles.  The flame looks totally real.  Ours are cinnamon but we got the kids vanilla and yes, they do expel a soft and calming aroma similar to a true flame candle.

This photo does not do these candles justice...  they are so much prettier than this...  but... you get the 'picture'...

Today we took Gracie up to visit with Ellie.  She was excited till she got nose to nose with her...  then it was indifference.  Gracie's favorite place = underneath daughter's  Christmas tree.  Probably stemming back from when she was a pup and she was indeed a Christmas present!

Ellie thinks she is a cat

Another great gift from husband:

This was the year of GRACIE!