Thursday, December 30, 2021

Christmas at Our House ~ Episode 4 ~ ON WITH THE PLAN OF CHRISTMAS

Welcome to my happy place.  I love color, so I go with a more fun decor when decorating.  Also, I think, now what would the kids enjoy?

Here is my secret for depression/pain/anxieties, etc:  Do something.  Create something.  Pray to God for strength and direction to do so.  

Husband is a pretty depressed and negative person.  He'll admit to the depression but I'm not sure if he'd own up to the negativity.  He's good though, really.  But there was no way I was about to suggest he put the whole train/village thing up this year.  It's an all day job.  It was absent last year as well.  In all fairness though, he is responsible for the outside Nativity scene hanging and for Anvil's (our gorilla) Christmas-wear.  

So I put my thinking cap on.  I wanted to display the Christmas Village on my own, no negative vibes.   And so, I cleared off some shelves and began.  

With each placement of houses I became more and more excited!  Christmas was coming to our house after all.

It's been a really sad year for many.  So many have lost loved ones or pets.  I've been contacted to pray for a lot of people throughout the year.  Some have made it.  Some have not.

Covid has been making its way through families with a strong force.

I find it disheartening to watch kids having to mask up to go to school or be involved in activities.  I understand, but yet I am sad for them.

It's not the world we grew up in.  I doubt things will ever be the same again.

However.  In the land of Christmas Magic, life goes on as usual.   The Christmas Carnival is in full swing.  Kids are laughing and playing in the snow.  Ice skaters are gently gliding over the ice.  

There is no talk of pandemic or virus and nobody gets sick here.  They just enjoy time together and have fun.

Grandma bakes cookies and shares warm ones right out of the oven, with kids that are outside building a snowman.

Santa stops at the pet store to choose a special puppy for a child.

Inside houses, families have come together to share recipes, play games and laugh, while the children toss snowballs at one another in the new-fallen snow.

Yes, life in the land of Christmas Magic is enchanting, calm, and reserved for the young at heart.

Creating Christmas Magic kept me busy and it was fun.

My back is much better, but arthritis is here to stay.  I don't think there is a magic bullet or cure for that.

 Gracie has good days and bad days.  Christmas day she slept a lot, even through the craziness of it all.  

She has become quite friendly in her old age.  She used to attack visitors immediately when they'd walk in the door.  Now she smells their hand and walks away.

I'm glad I decided to decorate for Christmas.  It makes me feel good to see the color and to know that Christmas did not skip us this year.  It was here.  In all its glory.  Fun. Chaos.  Happiness. Love.  

You have to just.   Make it happen.  And so I did.

not a creature was stirring not even a mouse... ummm.. yea, about that mouse.

                                                                  To Be Continued....