Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Out of Surgery

Am I crazy?  I look at Gracie's new toy lying on the floor where she left it the other night when she was sick (trying to get me understand by prancing around with it in her mouth) 

and I'm letting it lay there because....????

Her place on the sofa is just as she left it;

...her pillows still remembering her soft warm face resting on them.

I stopped by on my way to work this morning to spend some time with her before her surgery today.

She was ecstatic to see me!  She cried and whimpered... then started looking for her Daddy.

 I think she believed she was going home.

So I explained to her that she needed to stay and that she was going to have surgery so that she would be all better.

As we went our separate ways, I could hear her nails slide across the floor as the worker pulled her in the opposite direction of where she 
wanted to go> HOME WiTH ME 


Gracie is out of surgery & doing well.  There were 15 smaller stones and 2 larger ones, obviously the culprits in the blockage.  Antibiotics were given to her intravenously since she was not cooperating otherwise.  That's my Gracie.