Friday, January 20, 2012

Something That Would Provoke

Last Monday Gary left for Florida to help his uncle who lives alone and was ill.  He took Uncle Vic to the doctor and got the proper medication for him and now he's doing much better.  

Gary was missed.  But while he was away, Lindsey came down with the girls just about every night to keep Gracie and me company.  We were so glad!  

We had some quality time with the Cupcake and the Kitten (my pet name for the new one).

Dear Diary,

There are seven words that come out of the Cupcakes mouth that make me cringe...  well, eight actually...

'grammy, can i take gracie for a walk?'

I used to run to the door and wait to have my harness and leash attached...  excited that the Cupcake was going to bring some sunshine into this poor dogs life by taking her (me)for a walk (my favorite thing in the whole world).  But then, it hit me.  A walk with the Cupcake consists of me being leashed alright... 

 and then walked down the hall!  

No new smells there.  And try doing your business on that walk and see if you don't get the 'Gracie you're a bad dog!' lecture...

And this time the Cupcake discovered a new way of torturing me.  'grammy, i tied gracie up' she said.  What?  Is she serious?!  Does she think I couldn't get lose if I really wanted to?..  geesh.

The nag mom would wonder why I would digress from my everyday perfect pup ways...

And do things I wouldn't normally do...

But she should've put this paper away.  Christmas is over.

And anyway, I needed something to rip apart...  something besides my Angry Bird, which I'm allowed to have.  Something that would provoke her.  Someone needed to pay for my misery.

And now I just have to wonder. 

 Is it worth it to have a cookie thrown my way now and again?