Friday, January 8, 2021

The Wild Life of 2020 Episode 2

 Okay, it's wildlife.  Close though, eh? 

There was the oddest of critters just...  showing up inside our fenced in yard....  and onto our back patio.  We gave him/her water and lodged him/her for the night with a plan of relocating him/her the next day to somewhere he/she would likely live a more duck-like (or whatever) life.  But, in the morning, it was gone.  

"Here ducky, ducky, ducky..."

Nowhere to be found.

2020 was a year of drinking in the beauty of God's creatures.

And then, another sudden guest...  just showing up with a MEOW< MEOW  ...  we fed her tuna, gave her lodging for the night, then took her to the animal shelter the following day.

A week later, I took my daughter and granddaughters down to rescue her.  Mandy Baxter is now home and happy.

And then, the wild life we keep inside our home.  And yes, wild life is the correct wording.

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