Friday, March 9, 2012

Yes to the Dress!

Shopping at the mall last night with the daughter
 and the  grand-angels.  

Mission:  A wedding dress for Lindsey.

Summer thinks about it.  "Hmm.. is pink my color?"

Finally, Summer said "Yes" to the dress.

Rissi said "Yes" to her dress as well.  

I was talking to the sales lady who rang us up in front of the store and started backing up to leave when I ran into 'someone' almost knocking the 'person' over. 

 "I'm so sorry..." I said as I turned around to apologize profusely- but I was talking to a pole.  We all had a good laugh...  I'm such a klutz.  

Lindsey didn't find a dress.  
The wedding is a week and 2 days away.  

Sorry I've been away for so long.  I've got a lot going on right now.  My living room is half painted, Lindsey's wedding is next week, our office has been very busy, I'm putting some finishing touches on my book "Gracie's Diary",  business meetings next week in Gettysburg, and Gracie is complaining that it's nice out and that other dogs are going for walks and why isn't she? 

~Breath in  ~ Breath out ~   

A few days ago I ordered wildflower seed for our garden.  Is anyone else excited for spring?

Dear Diary,

I need a haircut.  Mom wonders why I can't jump onto the bed anymore.  "Jeepers creepers woman... if you had a two inch thick wool coat velcro-ed to your chunky fat huge gigantic pleasingly plump self 24-7 you'd have a little problem of your own, don't  cha think?"  She cut some of the fur around my face leaving me the laughing stock of all around.  "Woman!  Why don't you leave the profession of grooming to the professionals?  Really!  And get these paint cans away from my nose.  ... -n- stop moving my chair for crying out loud.  I need to look out my window and observe those other dogs who are more fortunate than I - taking walks with their peeps every day".    Enough on that soapbox.  **Yawn**  Hibernation is over for me and I feel like doing something fun.  Now what can I get into?  Gracie.