Thursday, September 1, 2011

Winding Down

Summer - it's winding down.  
I must have blinked somewhere along the way and the days skipped away without me knowing it.  

Gary got his first tomato from his hanging planter...

It was good!  

Tonight I was excited, because we were going to the cruise-in in Frostburg.  It's an event that happens every year and it's so much fun.  You'd swear you were back in the 50's with the oldies blasting throughout the town and the hot rods and vintage cars crusin' down main street... Honestly, it would remind you of a scene right out of American Graffiti.  

Well, sometimes I feel like I forget what I forgot...  Sharon's blog helps me to feel better about all that stuff... knowing I'm not alone and all.. If you feel the same way, you may want to pay her a visit.

I FORGOT about the Cruise -In (errrr)  and so did Gary.  
Vacation ~ Where are you?  I hope I don't forget to go... 

Still some summer left though..  say's this sweet rose.

I have a sinus headache and pressure and Gracie's eyes are a little red.  Is it a good time of year for allergies?  

I hope everyone is enjoying the last days of summer. 
 Cooler temperatures are a little refreshing.