Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Bucket

Fathers Day Tribute to Dad:

Today I remember my Dad who has been gone for over thirty years. I remember the tremendous amount of love and sacrifice behind the "Bucket" ... here's my tribute:

It was around 3:40 PM I believe.... My dad would arrive home from a hard days work with what us kids referred to as "the bucket". There were six of us living at home at that time, and each one of us more than eager for our "turn" to receive what was to be left over from Dad's lunch. Half eaten minced ham sandwiches.. baked by the sun - but good
just the same. It was very seldom that a part of a lunch cake didn’t find its way home.

Dad knew of our delight to find that special treat among his leftovers!

Dad’s been gone over thirty years now, and I seem to remember less and less about him as time passes on. There are, however, memories that stay in our hearts and never leave. I never really looked at Dad’s face during the “bucket exchanges” to see if he was smiling.

Now that I’m older, with kids of my own, I know in my heart that the small sacrifice Dad made every day at lunchtime could not compare to the great joy he must have felt handing over the bucket upon his return home each day. I hope my kids have grown up with special memories of simple things, as I have. Who would think that soggy sandwiches and melted lunch cakes in a tin bucket would be such a special memory! I didn’t think about it then… but now that I am older I can see the tremendous amount of love and sacrifice behind the bucket.
Dad, I miss and love you and thank you for all the sacrifices you made for us.