Friday, October 7, 2011


I almost forgot to wish my sister a happy birthday today.  So while my daughter Lindsey was here with Rissi, I decided to call her so we could all sing to her over speaker phone.  When she picked up the phone, she sounded like she was getting a cold.  In unison we sang loud and clear, knowing that this would make my sister very happy!  

First a belly laugh.  Then a thank you.  Then, "I really appreciate this...  But it's not my birthday."  

  I was sure today was the right day.  


"No, this is Lena.  I think you have a wrong number.  But I really enjoyed the song..."  Another belly laugh.  

I checked my phone to see...  
It looked like the right number.  

Gary yelled from across the room, "Well, happy birthday to you whenever your birthday is..."  More laughter.  

After I apologized, the stranger on the other end assured me that there was no need to apologize.  We had made her day.

 I had punched in a 9 instead of a 0.  Oops.

So I punched in the right number this time.  Busy.. busy..busy.

Sorry, Lindy but you're birthday wish went to somebody else this year.  

Dear Diary,

The Cupcake Carrier does not share like she used to.  Mom says it's because the novelty has wore off.  I don't know for sure what that means..  All I know is, I let her take me for a walk through the house and I even pretended to enjoy it and she still refused to give me a potato.  
My only hope is in this new one that Lindsey's going to be bringing home soon. Hopefully she won't know nothing about novelties or things like that.  Cookie crumbs are my favorite thing in the world.  Gracie.