Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Day Gone To The Dogs

It was supposed to be a dog day.  A day for the dogs.  "Let's take the dogs to camp!" She said.  "It will be their day!"  She said.  "It'll be fun!" She said.

So we all loaded into the car, well... 2 cars actually.  I tried to wipe the smile off my face as I breathed in the fresh country smells and as the wind whipped the fur back from my face...  but it was a no-go.  The smile stayed.  I was a happy camper.  Camper.  get it?  BOL!  I was a camper!

When we got to camp it was business as usual.  (And yes, we both had business to do in the piles of brown leaves where mom scolded saying it was hard to find and why'd we have to evacuate the moment we got there??)  ....   Until a couple of pit bulls tried to bully Ellie May and me from two campers down.  We were having no parts of it though.  You should have seen my lil' niece Ellie!  That girl ran full speed as far as that rope would take that long and lean black body of hers and she came face to face with those ol' pit bulls and gave them the what for!!!  I'm pretty sure she scared the barks out of them cause they were quiet after that.

We walked, and walked and walked.  The cookie carriers suddenly became cookie carrier carriers as we savored the smells along the way.  Ellie girl was like - let's go-go-go while I was all about -  let's stop and smell the roses dog pee.

Ellie May and me got along just fine.  I felt obligated to share my water bowl and treats with her (especially after she was successful in intimidating the neighborhood bullies which gave us so much more peace about being there).

We sat and rested and occasionally got tangled together and needed our peeps to free us...  but it was fun.

 That camp air was awesome.

The smells...  ahhhhhhh the smells...

And the cookie carriers trying to steal our thunder and be cuter than us...

But really, we didn't care much.  We were in it for the smells.  and the food.

And speaking of food, we had steak for supper!  Seriously!!  Ellie May said she'd never eaten steak before nor had she ever gone for a walk!!!!  Wow.  Poor girl.  I was glad to share my day at camp with her.

We were both dog-tired when we got home.  I could not move. No, really.  I could not move.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Day I Ran

My neighbor is missing.  He ran away from home a little over a month ago.  His name is Ollie and everyone is looking for him.  I mean, everyone!!  Even mom - she always says when we are outside. "Keep an eye out for Ollie."  An eye out?  She wants me to take my eye out?  How will that help?

My pack is strange.

Anyhoo...  If you happen to see this guy call the number there and for cryin' out loud don't chase the poor guy!  He's scared enough as it is.

I remember the day I ran away from home.  It was a warm spring day (BF) (BEFORE FENCE) and mom had me tied to the clothesline out back.  I decided to play Houdini and I magically became separated from my restraints and voila!! I was free at last!

I ran like the wind!!!~!  Soon I heard the frantic voice of mom calling my name!  "Gracie!  Gracie!!!!"  I could tell she was losing it.  (she does that a lot, ya know..  BOL!)  Finally, she spied me laying by the front door.

"Where have you been?  Why did you run?  How did you get loose? !!!!"  Interrogation began.  Seriously, mom.  Do you really think I'd run out in front of traffic like you insinuated I might would do?  Psssshhh  

So that's my story.  Of the day I ran...   all the way around the house.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Walk Away From The Cookie

Gracie, the blog's yours from this day forth.  Create in it a masterpiece...

Alrighty then!  Thought you'd never give it up.  I'm so ready for this!  Just got my hair done and after spa day, a pumpkin cookie! 

Cookie Rules AKA Ways to Have fun with the Rest of the Pack:

Rule #1  Pretend that you do not like the cookie
Rule #2  Walk away from the cookie
Rule #3  Never forget about the cookie
Rule #4 Go back when nobody is watching and eat the cookie
Rule #5  Watch the rest of the pack search under pillows and rugs for the cookie... never knowing if the cookie will show up again ...    did the dog really eat the cookie?  Will it be beneath my covers tonight?  Oh where oh where did that pumpkin cookie go??  BOL!
Rule #6  Repeat

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

#TBT on #TUE

Graduation pics...  seemed like so long ago.

Oh my!  It was so long ago!!



And to All a Good-Nite

Monday, October 2, 2017

Blah Blah Blah

It's the time of year when work gets busy and I must say I am so ready for busy after an unusually slow summer.  And so I'm doing all I can marketing-wise (short of dressing up like an ear and parading back and forth down the highway), to remind people there is no better time than  now to take care of their hearing!


Some days, I think maybe another vacation is in order.  The world oftentimes seems like it's upside down ~ kinda like this little house we passed by a while back...

So many horrible things happening in the world.  The tragedy in Vegas reminds us of how uncertain our days are on this earth.  And of the evil and unrest that lives in the hearts of many - in what we like to believe is our own safe country.   Call me crazy, but maybe we have too many freedoms?  Just a thought.

Gracie, what do you think?

I think I need a ride in the Buick.