Monday, April 18, 2016

Starting Over.. Or.. Uh.. Again

Okay.  So Gracie has not been keeping up her blog like she said she would.  And me, I have not been keeping mine up either.  I was just this morning looking back at years gone by thinking about how much I love looking at years gone by.  My life in blog.  It's been an interesting 5+ years.

And so.  It is time for Gracie and I to go back to what worked for us from the beginning.  GRACIE OWNS ME.

She does, ya know?

I miss blogging and talking about each day as though it were the best day ever.

You see, each day can be the best day ever.  It is all up to us.

Today, the sun is shining.  The birds, chipping their hello's.  I have recovered from gallbladder surgery in February, two family deaths last year, and most recently the flu.  I am still living.  breathing.  walking. talking.

I still have my Gracie.

Life is good.

Dear Diary,
Cough cough.  hack hack.  up. down.  here there.  Settle, people!  Gees!  Oh.  I'm talking about my peeps.  They be all sick around here and keeping me awake at night. I'm ready for a good night's sleep.  They say they are feeling a little better but you couldn't prove it by me with all the hacking.  On a positive note, I have had a total of four walks in the last six days.  Now that's what I'm talking about!  I'm not sure who spring is, but I'm pretty sure she is the one responsible for my recent good fortune.  Gracie.