Monday, November 23, 2015

No Excuse If You Ask Me

I am not getting a walk every night like before.  It gets dark early and there is a chill in the air.  No excuse if you ask me. 

 Daily walks should be mandatory when one owns a dog. 

 Trips to Pet Smart do not count.  I want to go somewhere where I can pee on everything.   

The warning "Don't pee or poop in the store!" before walking into the store kind of makes you lose your desire, ya know what I mean?  

My 12 second video of a poor excuse for a walk:

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Hey all!  Good news.  Mom says this blog is now mine to do what I want with. 


She says she doesn't know where to go with this blog anymore.  

She says she keeps repeating herself. 

She says she is boring.

I tend to agree.  BOL!!!!

She is getting old ya know.   No, I mean really.  She repeats herself a lot and I think its cause she's senile   old.

She gets in my way a lot too.  I'm talking about hogging the bed.  Seriously.  I think six inches on the edge of the bed should be plenty of space for her.  I mean.  If she lays on her side and maybe loses a few pounds she won't take up nearly as much room.  Sometimes I just have to give her a push with my hind legs just...  a ...  little...  

And then..

I can stretch out and be comfortable.  

Monday, November 9, 2015

Letters To Home

The top 10 things I learn from reading Dad's letters to home as he served in the 
Navy in WWII are as follows:

1.  He was extremely homesick

2.  He was excited about the movie machine that they got on board his ship.

3. He wished he had a camera so that he could take pictures of the devastation that he witnessed there.

4.  He sold cigarettes to the Japanese for a high profit.

5.  He wished he would have married my mom (his then girlfriend) when he was home on leave, so he could go home sooner. (haha!)

6. His penmanship leaved a lot to be desired.

7. He had a love for animals.

8. He sometimes wrote late at night.

9.  He was lonely.

10.  He ended most letters with, "Don't forget to write often."


Dear Dad,

You don't know me yet, but I will be your fifth child.  I will be named after you and Mom and the last "planned" child.  Two brothers will follow.  I really enjoy reading your letters to home and  I am feeling that emptiness that you have in your heart when you plead for letters from the family.  I'm sure Grandma writes often, as do your sisters and brothers and even Mom.  But it seems that you never get enough.  You must be really homesick.  I will be glad when you are finally home because then you will marry Mom and start our family and live happily ever after.  Oh, and one more thing, Dad.  Thank you for serving your country.  When the time has come for me to be born,  it will be my country too, and I will grow up knowing that God has gifted me with one special, selfless Dad and I am ever so grateful.   

All My Love,
Your future daughter and Middle child, 
Bobbie Jo  

Fast Forward just a bit....

Dad and Mom had seven children.

Dad would never be lonely now, we would see to that!

There were likely times when he wished he were back on that ship - alone - with no more personal anxieties like kids fighting over who sits by the window in the car and mountainous responsibilities which included how he would afford shoes for us to wear to school.

Life can get hectic that way...  

And then - one day, its over.

He was 53 when he died of a heart attack.

 It is the only military funeral I ever remember attending.

It left me in awe...  of my hero, my Dad.

My dad is the curly dark-haired guy on the left.
RIP Dad.  I Love you so much!  Until we meet again.....

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Kind of Hush

I really enjoy going to the oldie's shows.  

sister's in crime
Last night, Peter Noone and
Herman's Hermit performed 
in Annapolis, Md.

Ready for some fun!

The venue was great and our table sat right smack dab in front of the stage.

There was a kind of Hushhhhhh....  
All over the world last night....

As Peter Noone took the stage and swept the audience back to a sweeter place and time.  

A time of simplicity.  




Innocent Love.

 Growing older has its perks though...   
And with any luck we grow in wisdom as we age.  
Things make more sense.  We understand our mortality and that the world that once revolved around us did not revolve around us after all.  We just thought it did. 

Peter Noone is one of the best performers I have seen so far.  He is energetic, funny, talented, and extremely kind.  

Growing older can be sobering.  Our lives are filled with obligations and heartaches.  We win some, we lose some.  And if we are not careful, we can become cynical and our hearts, hardened.  

But if we but close our eyes and listen to the music....  
We can be fourteen again....   

And life is just.  good.

Dear Diary,
Mom and dad were gone again.  I don't know if I can forgive them for leaving me (even though Lindsey was here to take care of me).  I will be angry for a very long time.  Or.  Until I get a belly rub.  Gracie.