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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Christmas Blues

Gracie:  I'm not moving.  No way.  You'll have to build the stupid Christmas village around me.  You should've never moved my chair away from MY window.

Me:  But Gracie...  You don't like the train that goes around the village.  You say it scares you.

 Gracie:  I'll tear that train to pieces...  that's what I'll do with that noisy smoke stack choo-choo piece of junk.

Me:  Gracie, now you know you wouldn't do such a thing.  You're a good girl.  Now let's try your Christmas sweater on to see if it still fits.

Gracie:  I got a better idea... let's try yours on and see if it still fits.  Two dollars to a donut says you can't even get it over your head.  

Me:  Gracie don't be that way.  How about if we take you to the tennis courts to lift your spirits?

Gracie:  Okay.  But when I come back...

I'm going to remember that you moved my chair...


I'll be unhappy once again...

Abuse. There's That Word Again....

Dear Diary,

Did you know that one in every 4 dogs are neglected and abused by their owners after the month of October because of the owners own inability to deal with time change and shorter days?  The dogs are left to sleep, eat, and sleep some more without the hint of a walk or playtime at the tennis courts or dog parks.  And did you know that dogs are 87% more likely to become depressed and withdrawn if their owners become obsessed with TV series such as: Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, and Mike and Molly?  Oh!  And...  Did you know that 72  3/5% of all owners of dogs get head injuries from aggressive dogs lunging for their toys after owners have kept said toys in seclusion...(after assuming dog wants to chew squeaker out of squeaky fox but in reality all dog wants to do is get a rush from the squeak-y tail...) Mom> If you're reading this > I'd be careful if I were you. Of course, that does not apply to me.  I would never become so obsessed with that beautiful, stinky sweet smelling, squealing fox and forget about my mom's safety. No way!  
Just some info I needed to get off my chest.  Though Max and Maggie were wishy-washy about their answers for this survey, Mutley's confidence brought home every truth that I've known for years.  And now... What to do.  A protest maybe? I've a lot of time to think about it. Gracie.


 Just thought you might like to enjoy a little Summer on this beautiful fall day.