Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Four Star Hotel?

Well, I was right.  My PCP forgot to check that I was supposed to have a chest X ray, so that meant I had to wait around another half hour until they faxed a new order.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't had to fast and my stuffy head and sore throat needed coffee and orange juice.  

Here are just a few reasons why I think it's time I find a new PCP:  

1. My Wednesday visit to PCP last week was fruitless because PCP forgot to call for my orders.
And they were rude, making it look like my fault.  

2. They hurried me through yesterday...  and called me a half an hour after I was gone to find out if I got someone else's April appointment.  I did.  

3.  Forgot to check 'chest x ray' on my orders for the hospital.  

Three strikes and your out. What do you think? 
  I  inherited this one after my other one retired, so no big deal.  I try not to see doc's too often...   so hopefully it really won't be a big deal.

About the new hospital.

Was I in a four star hotel?  Really.

It begins with the valet service.  Never lost, because upon entering the lobby through the huge revolving glass door, someone directs me to the exact place I need to be. Three different tests were needed.  Each one was done quickly and efficiently and then I was escorted to the next one.  At the end I was showed to the door.  I've always found hospitals to be a confusing maze.  It was comforting not to have to worry about getting lost.  

Okay.  That done. Yay!!

I made some chicken - noodle - dumpling soup to hopefully help get rid of my 'cold'.  

Dear Diary,

Last week Mom and Dad started packing bags and talking about vacation.  I knew what that meant.  They kept saying stuff like 'Gracie it will be okay, Lindsey and Rissie will be here to feed you and take you potty'  and 'Gracie, I hate to leave you'.  Frankly...  I wasn't seeing it.  They weren't sulking with their heads hung low.  They didn't have sad eyes and and a stubby tail that wouldn't wag.  But whatever.  I pulled Moms sneaker and Dad's slipper to the middle of the floor to comfort me and there they stayed until their return.  When Lindsey and Rissie came, they brought french fries and we had fun.  But they didn't stay all that long.  It was lonely.  I was starting to think Mom and Dad weren't coming back.  But then one day, there they were.  Mom said I acted like I had springs in my feet and that I've never jumped that high before.  They brought me a ball that laughs says stuff like, 'oh no!  brrrrppp', 'hot diggety dog', and 'no, don't do that!' It's very annoying and hard so it's impossible to get the little man out of the center of it.  
It doesn't matter though.  

I'm just happy they're home.  Gracie.