Thursday, October 14, 2010


Dear Diary,

Gee, guess what I get to do today?

 I Watched the house again.  Surprise, surprise.  

Hmph! No surprise there.... who are they kidding?

They act like it's such a big deal.  'Oh Gracie, you have to protect us', 'Watch for intruders, Gracie'... and so on. 

 Yea, right.  

Let me bark at a shifty looking little old lady and her poodle as they pass by and see what happens. 

 'Gracie! Muzzle!'  


Wait.  Is that my new neighbor and boyfriend Max?  

Could it be?  

Is it...???

False alarm.  

There ain't nothing going to get me out of this funk I'm in.   


Not Dairy Queen.  

Not tennis courts. 

 Forget Scooby Snacks.... 

I'm mad and I wish to stay that way thank you very much.
Nothing will stop me from moping around...


My squeaky Chickie Bird!! 

 Daddy!!  Where did you find it?

  I thought it was lost forever!!!

Happy for now.  Gracie.

PS  I found out that my Squeaky Chicky Bird was not lost at all but PUT AWAY because it makes too much noise.  I'm hiding it now...  see how they like that!