Sunday, August 26, 2012

Something Terribly Wrong

We're getting 9 inch green beans from our garden.  Wow!  I had never seen such a huge green bean before.  

We'll be taking these fresh veggies with us tomorrow as we head for Ocean City and the beach!  I'll be taking a blog break because I will be busy having fun in the sun with family.

I'm sad to leave Gracie behind.   I miss her already.  She looked a little worried en route to the kennel.

Dear Diary,

There's something terribly wrong here.  Terribly wrong. 

 Dad and I took mom to the kennel... for the week.   You see, he and I planned on beachin' it with the kiddo's...  a little Frisbee on the beach, some cookies here and there... and some much needed R&R,  Time away from the nag Mom.  
When we got to the kennel,  Mom pushed me into one of those prison cages (just like Gretel pushed the wicked witch into the oven in the Hansel and Gretel story that I heard mom tell Rissi one day...) and then she locked the cage door and left with dad.  Doesn't dad get it?  Doesn't he know what she's done?  Doesn't he miss me yet?  Gracie.