Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nobody Cares

Yesterday was one of those perfect days.

Well...  especially last night.

Fireflies flickering on a quiet country hillside and children running and laughing.

Smores for those who dared...

Watching an awesome firework display and laughing at silly stuff...

Being with family and friends...

Realizing how blessed I am as I watch my beautiful grand-angels enjoy the perfect night.  Well, most of the grand-angels..  It seems this night of summer fun was cutting into Summer's sleep time.  So she opted out of the colorful show in the sky.

Today we decided to break tradition since it's so blasted hot... we're going to spend some time in the cool of the movie theatre seeing Spiderman 3D.

What are your plans?

Dear Diary, Yesterday was one of those horrible days.  After waking up, pooping on the floor, getting yelled at, having my picture taken a trillion times because the nag mom wanted to 'remember' how cute I was, being violated by the groomer and having a tick removed from my nose, (which by the way was bleeding when the nag mom came to pick me up) ....  where was I...??   oh,   After all that stuff...   there was a flea found on me, and then I was left for the entire evening to be all alone.  by myself.  I am cursed.  I have no friends.  Nobody loves me.  Gracie.

on the way to be groomed

"hmmm..  i wonder where we're going.  probably to the tennis courts to play.  or to dairy queen for ice cream.  or a walk in the forest."

"nobody loves me"