Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

The plan was...

Take me for a nice evening walk...

No nagging such as: "Come on Gracie...  hurry up...  you've smelled that same spot for five minutes ~ let's go!"

No pulling, yelling, complaining or making snide remarks about me lifting my leg when I pee.

Only wonderful & beautiful compliments like:  "Gracie, I love when you lunge at other dogs" and... "When you yank at this leash it makes me run and get such good exercise...  thank you Gracie."

You see....

Today is a special day.....

It is my birthday!

And I was promised Dairy Queen ice cream

But Dad wanted to go to Rita's first for an italian ice.

And when he did, the very nice, wonderful, sweet, beautiful, kind girl on the other side of the glass asked my mom if I wanted a doggie cone...

She hesitated, since we were on our way to Dairy Queen.  But then Mom said,"yea!"

So I had 2 ice creams!!!!

Best.  Birthday. Ever.

(minus the ear drops and pills I have to take for my ear infection and my sore paw)

Dear Samson, if you were here I would have shared xoxoxoxo