Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bad Girls

A few things...

   we sold our old white car.  it was only sitting with a for sale sign in it (in our yard) for a couple of days and some guy came by yesterday, drove it, and offered cash on the spot.  it had sentimental value for gary... since it was his dad's car and it was left to him when his dad died in '06.  

but it's time to move on.

and i just love my new car!   but!   note to self: don't forget to close the moon roof before getting out of the car.  yep.  you guessed it...  and yes, it did rain.  my car has been christened and I'm thankful for the leather interior.

 we've been out the last few evenings.  visiting the grand-angels.  and shopping for a new king sized bed.  we're trying to find something that will go with our bedroom furniture so we don't have to get a whole new suite.

i say a king bed (vs. queen like we now have) will make a big difference and gracie will sleep in the middle.  gary says it will make no difference at all and she will still be 'stuck' to our sides no matter how big the bed is.

we'll see.

Dear Diary,
It had been 2 nights in a row. No walk.  And as a matter of fact, mom and dad disappeared.  Where were they?  Why was I not getting my walk, I asked myself.  I was torn between missing them (hence dad's slipper in the middle of the floor)

and getting even (hence the days mail not far from dads slipper).

And then...  the lecture.  I'm glad my Samson likes bad girls.  Gracie.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grandparent's Day

Last night when I talked to Rissi on the phone 
she reminded me:

"Don't forget, Grammy!  Tomorrow is grandparents day.  If you can't find my room just ask someone to tell you where Mrs. Jones classroom is." 

We were 1 minute late.  Rissi looked sad, sitting there all alone with the other kids surrounded by their grandparents.  

She was so happy to see us!

We watched the children play bingo...

Rissi was so excited that her hands were shaking...

Her and another little boy made funny faces at each other, and laughed. 

I heard the boy telling his grandma that him and Marissa always make funny faces at each other.  

"She's really cute!" His grandma said.  

But... Rissi informed me  "no, that is not my boyfriend", then she showed me the boy that "she's in love with".  LOL

Pop-pop showed her where we live...

And Rissi showed us around the classroom.  Then it was time to leave.  Rissi looked sad as we waved goodbye.

And we received a treasure that will always bring me back to a special day...  a day when I have never felt more loved or so very important in a little girl's life. 

 Being a part of grandparent's day was an honor.  

My sweet Marissa is a blessing 
and I thank God daily for my very first grand-angel...   

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Special Day

Just a few pictures from the Special day...  

The Wedding  

Gary and Sue walk their beautiful daughter down the sandy beach to give her hand in marriage....


They each do their part in keeping their daughter's dress train from blowing in front of her face while she says her vows.   

Stacy and her Dad pose for pictures while Vinny looks on...

More to come...

Monday, September 24, 2012


Dear Diary,

Me, as a pup
I feel like a puppy again.  The days are cooler and I'm loving it. Mom says I'm much more active.  She says autumn has brought me back to life.

I love the fall smells and mom laughs when she hears me snorting. 

 I. Can't. Help. It.  

 Today is a special day.  It's my birthday.  And though I'm feeling like a puppy I'm really 8 years old today!!  

Seriously.  I don't look that old, right?

I'm not sure why there's such a big deal about birthdays around here.  But I'm not about to question these weird traditions.  All I know is..  Today I went to Dairy Queen and got ice cream AFTER I went to the tennis courts to RUN!! 

 "Gracie's Special Day", according to mom.

Dad wasn't happy because I drooled on his good shirt.

But I got my ice cream, and that's all that really matters.

After a short wait... of course...

And then the prize...  


Sunday, September 23, 2012


Last weekend was wedding weekend as my beautiful stepdaughter (Gary's daughter) Stacy married one of the sweetest guys I've ever met.  I couldn't have picked a better guy for her than Vinny!  He is one in a million!

The weekend was crazy-busy to say the least.

First, rehearsal on the beach the night before.  Since I was not a part of the wedding party I was able to relax...  and enjoy the view. 

While everyone else was doing wedding stuff...

I made a friend.   Benji's owners were sitting on the beach enjoying the ocean waves, and they whipped out a photo album to show me anniversary pictures from a few years ago when they renewed their vows at that very spot.  

NOTE***  check out Benji's long eyelashes.  Are they gorgeous or what?

Such a picturesque place for a wedding!

 I couldn't help but fall in love with this shot (below) of another couple doing a photo shoot obviously after having just been married there.

Father of the bride and the bride (below).

At the rehearsal dinner Gary had a wandering eye...  (below)

We had dinner and talked about the next day and how it would all come together...

I think I ate too much!

To Be Continued....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Out With the Old and in with the New!!

Out with the old...

And in with the New!

My husband bought me a new car for our 10-year anniversary!

We celebrated once again by going to Bob Evans for some good down home cookin'.

When the car salesman went over all the workings of the car with me earlier today, I was pretty sure I had it all down.  It's impossible to lock the keys in the car.  As a matter of fact, you don't even need keys to start it up.  As long as the 'key thingy' is in your purse, inside the car, you just push the button and the car starts up.  Push it again and it shuts off.

When we got to Bob Evans Gary and Rissi went ahead while I made sure all was locked up on my new car.  But something was wrong!!  It wouldn't lock!!  What?  A lemon??


You push a button to start it.  You push a button to turn it off as well.  I forgot to push the button when I got out so the car was still running and I didn't even know it.  LOL  The safety feature would not let me walk away or lock it as long as the car was running.

The car does everything for you.  I just figured it would turn itself off..  WHAT WAS I THINKING.

When Rissi woke up this morning her mommy said to her, "Guess what day it is?"  (thinking she was excited about nursery rhyme day at school where she got to dress as a nursery rhyme character)

"Sleepover day!!"  She said.

With everything that's been going on...  vacations, weddings, etc. we've not kept Rissi overnight for a while.

She is excited and so are we!

Dear Diary,

Last week I was in the slammer for a spell.  Not sure what I did to deserve this.  They treated me like a dog there!!  Seriously!  
When I got out, Mom said I smelled horrible and before she would let me sleep in bed with her and dad she had to bath me. I was happy to be home I'm telling you...  but when she put me in that tub of water and started scrubbing on me I had a good notion to poop on the floor when I got out.  But I didn't.  I do not want to be sent away again.  I am right where I belong.  Gracie.

Angry.  But glad to be home.

Friday, September 14, 2012


I just had to break my blog break long enough to share my beautiful flowers...

Too bad we have to leave in the morning for the Jersey shore. (Gary's daughter Stacy gets married on the beach!)

I hope the flowers are still good when we get back Tuesday.

Last night I couldn't sleep!!  Gracie has been fidgety at night.  Down off the bed...  back up on the bed...  and so on.

Then she tries to jump back up and can't make it.  :-(  At one point she kind of fell and I was in a pretty deep sleep.  I woke myself up and jumped out of bed to pick her up and put her in the bed.

I hated taking her to the kennel tonight.  The house is empty without her.

Honestly.  When I think about ever losing her, I get really sad.

Oh, don't worry.  She's okay.  As feisty as ever!  It's just that I think about these things now and again.

I sent my completed manuscript today.  What a job getting everything together!!

Today was my own deadline and I was determined to get it out.  *breaths sigh of relief*

Anyone who knows me realizes that I'm not one to share intimate details about my life so easily.  This book was hard to write because I had to open myself up to some truths and share things that I had a hard time even admitting to myself.

God has brought me on a journey.  He has taught me so much in the past ten years.

Ours (mine and Gary) seemed like a fairy tale beginning but quickly our onboard baggage became much bigger than we ever expected it would be.

But it's our Anniversary~ and we have made it TEN YEARS!

And I still love my husband, and he loves me!

Happy Anniversary Gary!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Be Back after Break

A touch of fall is in the air...






Blog Break!