Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Special Day

Just a few pictures from the Special day...  

The Wedding  

Gary and Sue walk their beautiful daughter down the sandy beach to give her hand in marriage....


They each do their part in keeping their daughter's dress train from blowing in front of her face while she says her vows.   

Stacy and her Dad pose for pictures while Vinny looks on...

More to come...


  1. Her dress is GORGEOUS and so is she! Your hubby "cleans up pretty good", too. (That is an expression we hear around here for a person looking good. Is it said in your area, too?)

  2. Hehehehe...yea, da Gary Man looks purty darn good in a suit.
    Dat furst foto is just breathtakingly beautifuls.
    What a beautiful girl and bride Stacy is. I likes da whole beach weddin' thing, makes it more relaxin' but still all kinds of specials.

    Poor Gracie was left out...hers should has come stayed withs me.


  3. Lovely pictures of the wedding! It was good that they could lend a foot to keep that gown down!

  4. What a beautiful Bride! Love beach weddings:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Too cute how they held her dress down! Beautiful bride!


  6. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding!


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