Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mom's Day Post - bEtteR LatE thAn NeVEr

My Mother's Day could not have been any more wonderful.  It started out with my angel, Summer.  Having slept over the night before, she emerged from her room in the back, fully dressed for church complete in her little 'heels' and the biggest most beautiful smile on her face.  

"I'm ready for Church," she said. 

She was so excited to spend the night with us.  She had her suitcase packed days in advance.  Summer is a sensitive, beautiful girl and I am so thankful that God blessed us with such a gem.  She was a perfect overnight guest!

We had fun.  Playing with play doh (her favorite thing), drawing pictures, playing Barbies etc.  I made her pancakes for breakfast (another of her favorites).

Later my #2 son stopped by just for a minute to give me a card.  He was on his way to work.  We have a raincheck for dinner next week.

And what better way to wrap it all up than with flowers and a nice dinner together with the kiddo's.  Love, Love, Love my family!!!

Ummm...  did you do it on purpose or did you forget about acknowledging your dog.  who is a kid too.  and who should have been in above photo.  Next year I'm getting you the same thing I got you as this year only in a different color.  (nothing) BOL!!!!  Serve's you right MOM.  Or should I call you Ms. Phillip.  since it's obvious that you do not include me as one of the kids.  ...  Poor me.

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