Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot Summer Days, Mr. Softee, and Mud Pies.

It's funny how an item can trigger a memory of days gone by.  Who would have thought back in the early 60's as I tossed a dime much like this one into the air while sitting on the hot tarry road above our house waiting for the 'ding ding ding' of Mr. Softee's Ice cream truck to get louder, that scores of years later I'd give this coin a second thought.  But here I am, feeling the macadam's misplaced pebbles between my toes and standing second in a line of six kids, trying to decide what flavor of cone I want. 

Life was simple. Days were long. Summers... forever.

Hope you're summer is memorable!  God bless.

Bobbie Jo's Mud Pie Recipe

1 cup. dirt
1/2 cup water
Cabbage, shredded 
3 Tbs. Wheat seeds
Pink seeds (as many as you can find)


pink seeds


And you know what the dirt and water look like. 

This recipe is not meant for consumption.

 Just memories.