Sunday, May 29, 2011

Women and Work Job # 8,9, 10

Job #8   Receptionist

I worked as a receptionist at Miracle Ear for 2 years.  I scheduled appointments, made phone calls, and greeted people that came in for hearing tests.

Job # 9 Nursing Assistant

Wearing white scrubs and filling my pockets with disposable latex gloves before starting my shift, made me feel important.  With my head held high, I'd walk into a residents room to empty a catheter bag, knowing I'd become a health care professional.
  I loved my job.
I learned how to change the bed of a 325 pound comatose woman  while she was lying right smack dab in the middle of it.  I fed those who couldn't feed themselves and I cleaned slobber from their faces.  I changed dirty 'diapers' and bathed angry dementia patients who wanted me dead.  I made eye contact with the wild - ones that no one else could tame, and we had an understanding.  I singlehandedly took care of an entire hall of patients for twelve hours straight 6PM to 6AM shift, with just a half hour break at 2 AM.  I was a 120 lb.  Zombie as I'd clock out in the morning and head for home.
Every night was a new adventure.  I cried, I laughed, and I knew... deep in my heart that I'd never in my life have a job that would be more of a blessing to me.

When I left my job at the nursing home, I came back often to visit those who had become my friends.

Job # 10

When I heard that the Hearing Aid Specialist position was coming open at Miracle Ear (the same store where I had been secretary for 2 years) I had to apply.  Imagine me being the boss that I used to work for.    I had an opportunity to quadruple my income and have my own secretary.  But wait.  I knew nothing about being white collar.  Heck, I didn't even own one.   How could I convince the Franchise owner that I was right for the job?

"I know all of the customers!"  "I'm willing to learn."  "I know I can do it!"  "Please, please please...  give me a chance!!!"

Tony was all about helping the underdog, and he gave me the thumbs up, and soon this housewife/factory worker/cleaning lady/sitter/secretary/nursing assistant was about to put away the jeans and scrubs and make a trip to the Bon Ton to invest in some dress clothes.  It was time to clean up, stand tall, and pretend like I knew what I was doing.

This is me when I first started.  I wasn't dressed for work that day because it was an off day.  The audiometer to the right has been replaced with a new and improved one.

It was then that I was forced to face my fears of driving out of my home town.  My Church prayed for me as I ventured out into the world of the unknown and battled city traffic in Baltimore,  Frederick, and Glen Burnie, to train for my new job.

Soon I was in my own office with a stack of books.  

"Study!" Tony said, for my next feat would be to pass the State Board Exam.

I held a temporary license while I studied, and worked hard.  My first week on my own I sold a whooping 11 hearing aids, which is very good in the hearing aid business.  The Franchise had been sold back to Corporate Miracle Ear, and that meant Corporate Business meetings, flying (yes, another fear I faced), Exquisite hotels, Travel etc.  And it was all FREE.  Over ten years later, I'm still here.

So, there you have it.  My rise from water spiller waitress to Hearing Aid Specialist.

So I'll bet you're wondering by now - why would I care to tell you about all my past employment?  

And why on so many of your blogs have I commented Aah...  

  If you were to look back you'd see that some of my comments to your blogs started out with an Aah...  

And...  Did you know that Wednesday is June 1?  I've given you enough clues.  

I'm sure you're all knowing where we go from here... but maybe not details.

Two more days.  See you then.

To be continued.....