Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Burden

Jack came into my office the other day to get his new hearing aids.  He'd misplaced his old ones.  Couldn't find them anywhere.  His wife is in the nursing home and he was beside himself.  

Jack's been a customer of mine for over ten years.  He never leaves the office without a hug.  If I'm busy, he'll wait on his hug. 

Jack's not doing so well. 

"So you brought your buddy with you," I said... referring to the oxygen tank he carried and placed by his side as he sat down in the chair in my office.

We talked and laughed for a few minutes, then he started to cry.  "I hate being a burden to my kids," he said.  He was waiting for his daughter to park the car and come in.  

"Jack, I'm sure your kids don't see you as a burden.  You're they're dad... they love you." 

 Just then his daughter bolted in.  "He's never been happy with his hearing aids!" she says.  

Jack looked embarassed.  "Yes I have," he said.  "I've always liked my hearing aids."  

My guess is that she didn't want to spend the money.

"No, you haven't," she argued. 

 I could tell he was uneasy.  I looked her straight in the eyes, smiled at her and said... 
 "You look just like your mom!" 
 And she did.  

"I might look like her, but I'm not 
nice like her," she said.

She did softened then, and the mood changed.  

Maybe Jack's daughter was looking out for his best interest and maybe she thought I was taking advantage of him.  Whatever the case...  I got the idea that he was a burden to her.  

"I love your Dad!"  I said as she rolled her eyes.  "Well he better keep track of these hearing aids!"

He gave me a heartfelt hug and took 
his buddy and left.

I'm not sure if the daughter knew how lucky she was to still have her mom and dad in her life. 

 I sure do miss mine.

Spring Fever

Dear Diary,

I'm sick.  So very sick.  
Mom says I have a fever. 

Every morning when Mom goes into the 
back room to read her Bible, I'm right 
behind her.  Because I know...

The only way to break this fever I have...

Is to get a look...

Just to see a glimpse of him...

My new neighbor....

Max.  Oh how I love him. 

Mom teases me.  
'Gracie, there's Maxie pad'
'Gracie, it's you're boyfriend.' 
and I high-tail it into the room
 (even though I don't have much of a tail).

 I thought spring fever 
only came in the spring.