Sunday, June 5, 2016


Took the kiddies to see Angry Birds and Ninja Turtles.  We separated.  PopPop and Jake for the Turtles and Lindsey, Rissi, Summer and me for Angry Birds.  

I have been so busy at work that it's hard to find time for anything fun.  Glad I could fit that in.

 Today was church.  Gracie got a walk when it finally quit raining.  Since I worked Friday, my weekend blew by way too fast.  I'm hoping for a full three day weekend next week...  but I am thankful for the business and will work if I need to.  Hope everyone is enjoying their spring.

Dear Diary,

I spent the day at the spa on Thursday.   It feels good to have all that fur gone but I hate water  and baths and people fooling around with my ears.  This all happened on spa day.  I'm still a little miffed about it.  Mom wants to know if I want to play Wally.  So I'll act mad for just another minute or two ... then I'm off to play.  later.  Gracie.