Saturday, October 9, 2010


I love weddings.  I love the ambiance and happy people.  I love the decorations that reflect the time of year.  I love singing YMCA and tossing my hands in the air to make the letters...  
The dancing, the food, enchanted children, and the hope for a future of living happily ever after for the new bride and groom... I love it all!

Today my friend Christie got married.  Good times.

Late to the church.  Hurry, Christie!

Is this the same seventeen year old that used to come to my office for advice and to read her horoscope in my newspaper daily? (I made her read the Bible Digest first... it was our agreement.)  

No...  It's thirteen years later.  Did we lose a few years along the way??

She used to say I was her second Mom.  
I liked that title. 

 One day she brought her best friend Vickie to my office, and then Vickie started to come to me for advice as well.  I was more of a listening ear than anything.  I was a teenage girl once myself, so I could relate.

Now Vickie is married with a little girl of her own.  Brooke was the flower girl.  

Beautiful Brooke

Every good deed or kind word that we speak today can make an impact on a life.  I'm thankful for a chance to be there for the girls at a crucial time in their lives...  when they needed someone.  And I'm thankful that these beautiful girls include me in their lives today.

I am truly blessed.