Thursday, March 1, 2012

Where's Gracie?

March looks busy.  I'm tired already.

Our appointment book is filling up fast and we
 made 2 sales already today.  

Next weekend we spring forward.  I love this time of year!  

We have a hearing Expo in Gettysburg Pa. 
to attend this month.

My daughter Lindsey (Rissi and Summer's mommy) is getting married on the 18th to Robby (Rissi and Summer's daddy).  It's about time!  

We have TV advertising that starts this month and several newspaper ads.  Gary has done interviews on talk radio that will air this month. 

In the hearing aid business, March usually proves to be a good month for sales.  But then again, our February was fantastic!
Today I worked on our web page.  I like to keep it up to date... because believe it or not, a lot of people go there.  What do you think of my newsletter for March?  

Gracie has been mysteriously disappearing at night.  She starts out sleeping with us in bed, but then she's gone.  I'll get up and look around to find her little white legs sticking out from underneath the bottom of the bed.  Then after a while, she'll try to get back up on the bed but she is afraid to jump up.  She'll whine and go out the door and try to get a running start.  But when she reaches the bed she stops and whines.  At first, I'd get up and pick her up and put her into bed with us.  But then it was happening 3 and 4 times a night and I'm thinking...  what is wrong with me?  Gary brought her a comfy doggie bed.  I laughed.  "A new toy box?" I said.  (That's what the others are used for).  But to our surprise, Gracie has been using her bed during the night.  She wanders at night.... and it makes me sad to think she's getting older and maybe isn't feeling quite as well as she used to...