Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Terror by Telemarketing

I value my peeps opinions...  so when some gave me advice on how to handle telemarketers, I thought...  sounds silly...  but what the heck.


CAll #1   Yea, go ahead and send me that $100 Walmart shopping card.   Thanks.    CLICK.

Call #2  OH NO!  OH MY GOSH! HELP ME!!!!!!

Call # 3  Oh, I'm okay lady, not to worry...  But please.  Quit calling this number.  I'm just not interested.  

Call # 4  **touches the dial pad #'s 8960405BEEP_BEEP_BEEP7949500302**

Call # 5  What?  You're not wanting me to touch the dial pad? It's annoying you? Well then quit calling me, please....  What?  a Walmart shopping spree?  Errrr....  ***973959389494949499949BEEP_ BEEP_BEEP88403848943****

Call #6  ***BEEP 7040468493BEEP849393****

thinking.  nothing is working.  6 calls in 15 minutes.  these telemarketing terrorists are having way too much fun with me.  so I get online and register both my cell# and my work # with the no call registry.

Call # 7  Listen!  Did you know that this number is on the national no-call registry?  And you're in big trouble!!!!!  CLICK.

Whew!!!  All in a days work.

Born in the USA

The fields were alive with fireflies twinkling, creating their own brilliant firework display and Bruce Springsteen was bellowing out 'Born in the USA' from the sound system.  Then the show began!  My nephews had been collecting fireworks all year and this was the night they'd been waiting for.  My oldest nephew is a firefighter and took every precaution to make this a fun and safe event.  They did a wonderful job and we had so much fun!!  

How was your Holiday? 

Grandchildren having fun!

Granddaughter - Rissa

Grandson - Jake