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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


It was 2 years ago.  The day before Thanksgiving.  My appointment with the dermatologist after 2 long weeks of waiting and worrying was here.

The biopsy results were in.  I sat in the waiting room paging through a magazine, not thinking about what was inside, instead thinking about my life.  My death.  My family.

It was 5:30 PM and light had faded into darkness and I could see and feel the cold through the office windows.  It was a scary time in my life.  Thanksgiving Day was tomorrow, but I couldn't even think about it.  I was consumed.  What was in store for me if the biopsies had tested positive for the deadly melanoma?  I trembled inside of myself as the nurse called me back.

I sat in one room alone for a few minutes before she came back and said, "The doctor wants to talk to you in the other room."

I knew then, this could not be good.

I followed her to the next room, ready to accept my fate and praying for strength.

The doctor asked me to sit down.  He sat on a stool just feet away and looked me in the eye.

"Is your husband here with you today?"  he asked.

"Yes," I said.

I wrung my hands...  waiting.

"Here's what I want you to do," he said.  "I want you two to stop on your way home from here and get a bottle of champagne, because today is a day of celebraion for you.  I was 99% sure I would be giving you a death sentence on this day and I even thought about changing your appointment till after Thanksgiving so I didn't have to give you the bad news before the holiday."

He was smiling.

"Your biopsy came back benign," he said.  "But I was sure that had to be wrong, so I sent it 2 other labs and they too, came back benign."

Then he called Gary in and talked to us both.  Champagne was in order.   A surgery would come later, but for now it was a time to celebrate.

We walked out into the dark, cold night but it no longer felt dark and cold.  The sun was shining in my heart and I was relieved and truly THANKFUL!

Two years later,  and 2 additional Grand-angels later (one is still in the oven, due soon)....  I would like to take this time to thank GOD for my life!

Tomorrow our family will come together.  We will enjoy good food and lots of love and laughter.

We never know when our time to leave this earth will come.  It can be an ongoing sickness or it can happen in the blink of an eye. 

LOVE those who are in your life TODAYFORGIVE those who do not deserve forgiveness and it will HEAL your OWN heart!  Once in a while allow yourself a good BELLY LAUGH and don't take this LIFE too seriously.  One day it will end.  And all that will be left behind is your LEGACY

Have a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving, my dear friends!

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