Monday, January 25, 2016

Poor Me

I have successfully (with my moping and acting like I am depressed and do not want to live another day) laid huge guilt on Mom and Dad.  

It's big, I'm telling you.

How do I know it's big?  Because tonight, out of nowhere Dad said, "Let's go for a ride in the Buick."

We visited a orphanage pet store filled with pups behind glass.  Poor babies.  I cried in my heart.   If I wasn't such an old girl I would have brought the entire brood home with me.  They were cute and they thought I was their mama.  

(video:  about 30 seconds)

Then we stopped somewhere else.  Something called Pet Smart.  I didn't see that big black dog in that place as being a very smart pet when he challenged me to play a fight....  Mom pulled me away.   We went down another isle and I got to smell some fabulous smells.
And that's not all!

One more stop for some ice cream!

It was a wonderful day but now I am dog tired.  An awful lot of excitement for this old girl.