Sunday, July 25, 2010

Missing: common sense. Reward if Found: self worth

I was watching the news the other night. A special report on poverty in our country.  I'm not sure what that magic number is...  the one that puts you into the poverty level.  The example they were showing on the news was a family of 14 sharing a 4 bedroom home, and family members having trouble finding consistent work. I don't mean to sound heartless....  but this house they lived in was a mess.  Trash was strewn over the porch and the indoors looked very 'unclean'.  The reporters did not mention anything about this.  My guess is, if the people are too lazy to clean their own house... and keep it up,  then maybe that is why they are not consistently working THUS the poverty ensues.  Just saying.  

I don't know about elsewhere...  but in our parts there is always help out there for the poor.  There are so many assistance programs for food, shelter and medical that make me think just maybe they are living a little better than I am...  those who are poor.  Don't get me wrong.  It's a good thing to help people less fortunate.  But there needs to be programs to rehabilitate and teach so that poverty does not become a way of life.  It can be beaten.  But it takes perseverance and determination.  In the end, self worth will take them places where they'd never dream they could be.  

 Note: I was one of seven children (five of us in the pic) and we grew up in a four room house. That's two bedrooms and an outhouse, thank you very much.   Mom worked in the sewing factory and Dad was an electrician at the Brick yard.  Mom and Dad put us to work cleaning the house, washing dishes and babysitting our siblings.  I know it's a different world today.  But for crying out loud....  can't we just pull a little wisdom from our past into today...  and become healthier and happier people...??!!  


Dear Diary,
Friday night the Cupcake came to stay all night.  Don't get me wrong.  This little cookie muncher is a constant source of food for me and for this I am grateful. But geesh...  the attention that is usually geared towards me goes directly to her.  
Not good.
My home transforms from a doggie day care with squeaky toys and balls lying around to a toys r us as castles, Barbie dolls, easels and large plastic vehicles miraculously appear from one end of the house to the other.

Our usual walks that consist of 'ahhh look at how Gracie poops' and 'Gracie is the best thing that ever happened to us' are now 'Oh Cupcake, you're adorable with your hair like that' and 'oh how she giggles when Poppop makes her car go fast'.  

And that beat-up version of a Volkswagon bug she rides in.  Could it be any noisier?

The kid loves me though.  And I love her incredibly wonderful cookie breath.

I guess I can put up with her for a day. 

As long as she goes home tomorrow.

Troubled but somewhat optimistic,