Thursday, September 9, 2010

To watch me beg-Click here. Gracie.

Dear Diary,

Today Mom brought out the baby book.  Geesh was I little.

She keeps saying that I only looked sweet and  innocent.  Whatever that means.  Well, all I know is... I sure had a time with her when I was young.  It took quite a while before she finally wised up and started to see things my way.  But still... she talks about what she calls my bad behavior as a pup. 

She fails to mention how I took care of her the week she had the flu.  Nope.  Doesn't talk about my skipping meals and playtime just so I could watch after her.  I was worried.

Oh well.  I need to let bygones be bygones.  After all, she does buy oreo cookies now and again.  And speaking of oreos...  click on the link above to see what rediculous lengths I have to go to get one of those wonderful treats. 

Outta here...   Gracie.