Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jesus Is In The Stove

Just home from a babysitting session with the grand-angels at their home.  Summer took her bottle and then went to bed for the night at around 7:30 PM.  

Then Rissi and I played hide and seek and told stories.  Rissi is five years old and will start kindergarten after we return from vacation.  She has a great imagination and she is now afraid of dark rooms and hallways.  

Grammy to the rescue!

Me:  Rissi, ... you don't have to be afraid.  Jesus is everywhere and He will protect you.

Rissi:  Is he in the hallway?

Me:  Yes.  He's in the hallway and everywhere you go.

Rissi:  Is he in the kitchen?

Me:  Yes!

Rissi:  In the stove?

Me:  Everywhere!  He will take care of you so nothing will hurt you.

I just got a call from Lindsey.  Thanks Mom, she said.  It seems Rissi is following her everywhere, and she is afraid to go in any rooms by herself because she thinks Jesus is waiting for her there.  

Obviously, we need to have a more detailed talk.   

I just love this girl!

Dear Diary,

I hate photo sessions.  I find if I stop, drop, and roll at the sight of the camera she moves on to something else.  Call me a genius.  Gracie.